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The Girls

Doc's Golden Girls

Doc's Spicy Martini SH


D.O.B.- 5/14/2007


Marti’s registered name is the perfect fit. She is definitely the life of the party. She is very outgoing and high energy. Other than playing with her best friend, Shug there is nothing she loves more than flushing and retrieving upland birds. She is very birdy and it is a rare cripple that she can’t hunt down and retrieve.

She competed in AKC Junior and Senior hunt tests and was very proficient. She passed all tests that she entered. She is currently working on Master level work. Her structure is impeccable and she is a beautiful light golden. She has been called “the best looking Rooster pup” that had been seen. Her pups should be great companions capable of hunt test work, upland work, agility or obedience. Marti weighs 55 pounds.

Doc's Shopping Spree


D.O.B.- 4/27/2004


Macy is a pup from our Ellie and Apollo breeding. She lives with our daughter and is an integral part of their family. Macy is a very athletic and stable dog. She competed in dock dog competitions and consistently jumped over 17 feet. She was awarded a Senior Jumping Title. She is totally crazy about water and can actually dive to depths of five feet to retrieve at the bottom of a pool. She loves birds and is a natural retriever as well as being gorgeous, well mannered and athletic. Macy weighs 55 pounds.

Doc's Hillbilly Lady


D.O.B.- 1/10/2000


Otherwise known as the “enforcer” she is the ruler of the Connolly Golden clan. Her instinctive interaction with other dogs allows her to keep everything under control. She has been invaluable in rehabilitating many rescue dogs. A beautiful light golden she had two litters with “Apollo” Sunfire’s Undeniable which produced puppies with a rare combination of beauty, temperament and working ability. Ellie weighs 62 pounds.

Doc's Beauty Queen


2/18/1998- 8/27/2013


Purdy was our 13 year old foundation dog. She is a daughter of Emberains Better Believe It and a Scottish Import. She was a very stable dog with excellent conformation and health until her death at 15.5 years. Purdy weighed 63 pounds.

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